Innowave suite of technology solutions enables clients to communicate on a one-to-one basis with their customers and employees.  Triggered email, personalized messaging, discreet offers, and dynamic product management capabilities offer the client the ability to tailor thier offer and rewards based on program participants preferences.  In addition, Innowave offers tiered technology solutions and services that cater to clients with both small and large budgets.


Innowave offers clients simple, secure and fully scaleable e-solutions.  When building a customized site the client can elect to have it complement there corporate brand identity or opt to create a new look and feel.  With 24/7 environment, program participants can access program rules,  account information, rewards catalogs, and point balances at their own discretion. Innowave provides streamlined communications between the clients and their program participants including batch email processing, points and order communications, and program updates.  All data is managed in near-time for both administrators and program participants allowing for instant, accurate and reliable information.


The Innowave team combines your graphic and brand identity into all our web based programs and then leverages it to bring to life printed materials for your promotion. When developing the design of marketing collateral Innowave takes several aspects into consideration including the clients brand identify and corporate messaging, as well as the program objectives and audience.  From color selection to font style to layout, tone and design, Innowave's creative direction complements the clients' current marketing efforts and presents a unified brand presence.  Innowave's goal is to create marketing pieces that provide the best representation and extention of their clients brand.